Nathan And Charter

Founder Nathan Elequin expresses a general sentiment surrounding the charter of The Whatever, including the constitution with the Solemn Columns.

The Five Solemn Columns summarize The Whatever's Mission Statement as outlined in its Chartered Constitution. Although originally referred to as "the secret ingredients" and later "the five pillars," members opted for an unorthodox title to match the organization's tone.

List Of Five Solemn Columns Edit

1. "Kill Boredom" Edit

Help college students discover new ways to explore the world of Baylor and Waco, teaching them to seek and initiate opportunities in which they can have fun.

2. "Accept Everyone" Edit

Create a familial environment in which students of any background and personality can feel included, respected, and challenged.

3. "Break Social Norms" Edit

Equip members with the passion and courage to step outside of their comfort zones and grow in confidence.

4. "Foster Creative Ambition" Edit

Produce events in which the talents and imaginations of members can be developed and displayed, celebrating each other’s achievements.

5. "Spread The Love" Edit

Create a tradition for giving back to the Baylor community, whether it includes encouraging other students, serving faculty members, or reaching out to Wacoan residents.

Trivia Edit

  • The Solemn Columns were formally penned prior to Season 3 - "The Horse Awakens." They received a jingle from Season 3 Officer David Humphrey.
  • The Solemn Columns have been compared to the viral characteristics of a destructive pathogen, as noted by Season 3 Member Ben Heil.