The Eight Traits mark an original concept developed by The Whatever to celebrate and develop the unique strengths of students during their time in college, as well as divide members into the Four Guilds. In general, they cover the eight primary aspects of personal growth a member can experience during college.[Whatever Database 1]

Since each of the Guilds is defined by four Traits, this means that each Trait applies directly to two Guilds. Members who demonstrate a given trait as indicated by The Ultimate Test are more likely to be placed in the respective Guild that honors it.

The Eight Traits are explained below in full:

List Of Eight Traits Edit

Poise (PO) Edit


The ability to withstand social and emotional pressures.

Paladin, Oracle

Discipline (DI) Edit


Efficiency; consistency in planning and executing tasks.

Paladin, Oracle

Drive (DR) Edit


Ambition; perseverance towards achieving desires.

Oracle, Swashbuckler

Intellection (IN) Edit


Thoughtfulness; critical analytical ability and skepticism.

Oracle, Swashbuckler

Thrift (TH) Edit


Adaptability; resourcefulness and creativity in changing circumstances.

Swashbuckler, Bard

Daring (DA) Edit


Adventurousness; the will to try new things.

Swashbuckler, Bard

Heart (HE) Edit


Empathy; the capacity to connect and relate to others meaningfully.

Bard, Paladin

Charisma (CH) Edit


Leadership; the personage to influence and inspire others.

Bard, Paladin

For more information on how these traits contribute to The Whatever, refer to The Ultimate Test and the Four Guilds.

References Edit

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