The Whatever produces several environments for humorous or entertaining moments. The following is a list of the most prevalent and widely-shared inside jokes in The Whatever's history, along with a brief history and usage of the terminology.

A trend in The Whatever is considered an inside joke if:

  • It originally generated within The Whatever or carries a unique relevance to its members,
  • It has been referenced more than two (2) weeks after the original event, and
  • It reflects a specific meaning which can be defined.

The following is the ultimate collection of such jokes.

Season 1 - "The Rise Of Shia" Edit


Origin: [Happening 1.01] - "The Beginning"

History: Original members of The Whatever were asked to test the BAND app as their communicative platform by adding their favorite pie to an open poll. In reference to TomSka's "Asdf Movie," one of the options was labeled as "Pie-Flavor." It stuck.

"The Panda Story" Edit

Origin: [Excursion 1.03] - "The Roast"

History: For "The Roast," in which members shared their own embarrassing stories, Season 1 President Nathan Elequin shared a story in which he had a run in with a student wearing a panda costume.

"Double-Neck Chop" Edit

Origin: [Excursion 1.05] - "Bad Movie Club"

History: Members watched "Plan Nine From Outer Space," in which a character is shown being killed by a slow-moving monster using an unorthodox double-neck chopping motion. Members adopted the move immediately.

"Much Shade And Masquerades" Edit

Origin: [Happening 1.06] - "Much Shade And Masquerades"

History: Season 1 President Nathan Elequin gave complete authority and event design responsibility to members Annie Mathis and Brentyn Young. Their event, in which members impersonated one another, competed in trivia, and did interpretive dancing, is remembered as one of the most awkward events ever hosted by The Whatever.

"#Ansel" Edit

Origin: [Excursion 1.06] - "#TheHunt"

History: Throughout the first-annual iteration of #TheHunt, members took photos in a scavenger hunt and voted on each other's entries with three hashtags - #wow, meaning creative or original, #whatever, meaning random or funny, and #ansel, meaning beautiful or highly-qualified. Members after the event frequently used the hashtag #ansel to (sincerely or ironically) compliment other members on doing, saying, or posting particularly "beautiful" things.


Origin: [Happening 1.08] - "The Mini-Museum"

History: Members set up miniature crafts stations in Moody Library to host a live art auction. For a "Scene" acting portion, Team "Time" chose to produce a skit reflecting the future. Laying on the ground and doing crunches, Season 1 members Anthony Madrid and Brentyn Young yelled "future" repeatedly, in parody of Squidward's behavior in the Spongebob Squarepants episode "SB-129".

"I Have A Drinking Problem" Edit

Origin: [Excursion 1.11] - "Not-So-Bad Movie Club"

History: This is a direct quote from Ted Striker, the protagonist of the film "Airplane!" which was viewed by the Whoevers. After expressing this concern, he promptly picks up a glass of water and pours it on his face and shirt, indicating that he does not know how to drink water. Season 1 member Brentyn Young is captured in a group photo imitating this gesture.

"BeeeeWooooop!" Edit

Origin: [Excursion 1.12] - "#ArkWeek2015 Briefing"

History: Season 1 President Nathan Elequin gathered the Top 10 ranked Whoevers from Season 1 to help serve as co-captains of five teams in the year's event #ArkWeek2015. Captains were instructed to say "BeeeWooop" and wave their arms in a roller-coaster pattern every time he said the name of the event in its entirety.


Origin: [Excursion 1.12] - "The #ArkWeek2015 Briefing Party"

History: Season 1 members Ben Heil and Heather Fuller lead the team NASA, known as the "National Association of Super-Adventurers." Their team callsign was two interlocked hands forming a spaceship, and their team chant was the simple and drawn-out yelling of the word "Spaaaaaaace." Members from other teams enjoyed this gesture, and adopted it as a joke in later Seasons.

"Annie and the Monster" Edit

Origin: [Special 1.15] - "The Crack Session"

History: During the first-ever Crack Session, top-ranked members were invited to an event starting at midnight to discuss new ideas for Season 2. Under a special sponsorship, Season 1 member Rosemary Arbogast brought a large container of Monster Venom energy drinks to share. Season 1 Vice-President Annie Mathis, having never consumed an energy drink, downed an entire Monster before proceeding to behave spastically, visibly shaking before passing out during a 3:00am run to Walmart. Members would later warn one another about allowing Annie to consume any coffee or energy drinks again.

"Shia-Surprise" Edit

Origin: [Season 1]

History: Singer Rob Cantor released a viral music video "Shia LaBeouf," in which a man is stalked and attacked by the actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf. The Whoevers frequently quotes parts of this movie, including:

  • "He's following you, about 30 feet back"
  • "He isn't dead - Shia-surprise!"
  • "Quiet, Quiet," (whispered by a choral boy)

During [Happening 1.14] - "The Lip-Synch Apocalypse," Season 1 President Nathan Elequin surprised the performers with an impromptu performance of the Cantor song. The Season 2 Whatadex would mark "Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf" as the highest-possible ranking in the organization.

"No, I Am Nathan Elequin" Edit

Origin: [Season 1]

History: During Line Camp in 2014, Seasons 1-3 President Nathan Elequin left an humorous note on the pillow of member Kristyn Kiesling - an inept drawing of a hotdog with an arrow and words saying "not a hotdog" and signed by "not Nathan Elequin." As Season 1 of The Whatever was underway, both Kristyn and Annie Mathis would refer to Nathan as "Not Nathan Elequin" - a joke that stuck amongst the others. As it was Nathan's habit to begin club meeting by introducing himself by name, he would frequently be interrupted by others saying the following:

  • "No, I am Nathan Elequin"
  • "He's Not Nathan Elequin"
  • "Will the real Nathan Elequin stand up?"

Nathan subsequently began signing his messaged to the group with "n.n.e.," which stands for "Not Nathan Elequin." A later error in Hero Cards labeled Annie Mathis as "Nathan Elequin," at which the members collectively agreed that Annie had inherited the "Vice-Nelly" status.

"Get Down, Mr. President!" Edit

Origin: [Season 1]

History: Needs info.

Season 2 - "The Great Civil War" Edit

"The Fajita Guild" Edit

Origin: [Happening 2.01] - "Survive"

History: Following the events of the 2015-2016 school year's first Happening, members accompanied interested Class of 2019 freshmen to a dining hall where they ate. Upon hearing about the Guild-selection process and excitedly asking what their Ultimate Test results were and which guild they would be placed in, Season 2 President Nathan Elequin calmly and seriously leaned forward and said, "The Fajita Guild."

Though originally disappointed, Season 2 member Daniel McCarty would later argue for the inclusion of "The Fajita Guild" in the Season 3 Whatadex. As of this writing, TCU football coach Gary Patterson is listed in the Whatadex with a negative experience total, under the guild "Fajita Meat."

"Girls Are Watermelons vs. Girls Are Kiwis" Edit

Origin: [Happening 2.06] - “Judge And Jury”

History: The Judge and Jury Happening split the Whatever into two teams and had them debate various issues of critical importance, one of which was whether girls were watermelons or kiwis. A heated debated ensued on this issue, with a variety of arguments made. However, when the dust settled, Judge Jeffrey (member Jessica Cox) sided with the kiwi supporters. Her judgment did not resolve the argument, however, and the issue would most certainly still be debated among Season 2 members.

"I Think He Stole His Wallet" Edit

Origin: [Happening 2.08] - “(Back To The) Back To The Future”

History: In Back to the Future Part II, Marty McFly reclaims his sports almanac from the unconscious body of 1950s Biff Tannen, prompting a bystander to question "Hey! Did you just take that guy's wallet?" As Marty is out of earshot, the heroic bystander informs his fellow students, "He just took that guy's wallet!" When Biff comes to and runs after Marty, the bystander shouts toward Biff, "I think he took your wallet!" He then turns to his fellow students once more and reaffirms his fellow students, "I think he took his wallet." This iconic dramatic sequence has since prompted Whoevers to incorporate the line "I think he took his wallet" into casual conversation.

"Give It To [Player Name] and Have Him Run It Up The Middle!" Edit

Origin: [Baylor Football]

History: While watching Away games in Baylor Football's 2015 season, Whoevers would actively share the joys and perils of watching the game live in the GroupMe. During the Oklahoma State game, Oracle Ben Heil started sending responses to the group in the style of internal monologues of Kendall Briles, the Bears' Offensive Coordinator. Due to Kendall's rush-happy offensive mind, many of the monologues simply consisted of "Give it to [Player Name] and run it up the middle!" This activity in the GroupMe would be repeated for the away game versus TCU and erupted during the Russell Athletic Bowl, in which the Bears broke the all-time bowl rushing yards record with 645 rushing yards.

Season 3 - "..." Edit

"Brentyn's Left Foot"

Origin: [...]

History: One of the impromptu games played at this Happening featured words or statements written down by members of the Whatever that then had to be acted out by other members. Ranging from [something] to "Ken Starr's Plan for World Domination", the statements covered a variety of genres. Incidentally, two of the statements were "Brentyn's Left Shoe" and "Brentyn's Left Foot", referencing current member Brentyn Young. References to Brentyn's appendage would occasionally appear in events to follow.

"Girls Are Watermelons vs. Girls Are Kiwis"

Origin: []